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Administrative Transformation

Through the ongoing administrative transformation, Virginia Tech continues to build on its capacity to deliver administrative and business services in the most cost efficient and effective manner possible, taking advantage of advanced technological systems and service delivery methods.

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Administrative Transformation Roadmap

Town Hall Recap: October 2019

Administrative Transformation Timeline 

Town Hall Recap: June 2019

Administrative Transformation

Greater Washington, D.C., Metro Area Support Services


We will deliver services that are responsive, nimble, and best in class. We will transform our work to achieve the following:

  1. Eliminate barriers, unnecessary work flows, and duplicative and/or redundant efforts at all levels within the university
  2. Use best practices in service delivery
  3. Leverage technology to automate and simplify processes, reducing transaction times
  4. Professionalize work environments
  5. Develop and use cost effective and administrative efficient operating principles
  6. Lead a culture of excellence and continuous improvement
  7. Ensure the administrative and operations work is aligned with strategic priorities
  8. Deploy leading change management principles to navigate new systems, processes, and structures


Project Examples Currently Underway


Business Affairs

  • Deployment of intelligent mail lockers for Residential Mail delivery on the Blacksburg campus.


Human Resources

  • Development of a job architecture structure for AP faculty positions across the university to create a framework to support career development and planning with lateral, vertical, & horizontal advancement opportunities.
  • Improving service delivery and the employee experience though the continuous improvement of key HR processes.


Division of Campus Planning, Infrastructure, and Facilities

  • Conduct Virginia Tech Electric Service operating model analysis.

  •  Implement improved customer-centric work order system for on-campus maintenance and renovation requests.


Information Technology

  • Explore establishing University Data Governance Council to set standards and expectations for university-owned data as a valuable asset and increase confidence in its use by enhancing quality and secure and ethical accessibility and sharing.
  • Deploy flexible and agile data delivery architecture and expand data analytics services that reflect the university’s data security standards.



  • Redesign budget and financial model to bolster transparency.


Safety and Security

  • Establish a transactional business center for the departments that comprise the Safety and Security Division to standardize and streamline routine transactions.


In support of the university's academic, research and outreach missions, Virginia Tech must build on its capacity to deliver administrative and business services in the most cost-efficient and effective manner possible, taking advantage of advanced technological systems and service delivery methods. We will acknowledge areas where we are best-in-class and continue to identify opportunities to improve. Further, we will identify areas where change is needed and manage that change with purpose, clear direction, and strategic alignment. 

Latest Transformation News

Chris Kiwus named vice president for campus planning, infrastructure, and facilities

Chris Kiwus posed in front of Burruss Hall

Ken Miller appointed vice president of finance

Ken Miller Photo

Greater D.C. metro area Support Services Assessment findings posted to site alignment process website

Arlington Virginia Tech campus sign

One-stop-shop for HR processes now available


Transformation Timeline

Phase 1 - Assessment

  • Launch:  April 2019
  • Assessment Interviews & Engagement:  April 2019 - July 2019
  • Final Report:  August 2019

Phase 2 - Implementation - CURRENT PHASE

Project Management

Sponsor - Dwayne Pinkney, Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer
Leader - Lisa Wilkes, Vice President for Business Affairs
Manager - Kim Akers, Deputy to the Vice President for Business Affairs
Consulting Partner - Deloitte
Organizational Strategy Partner - Sibson


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